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[FreddysHouse] Logger 1.0.4

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[FreddysHouse] Logger (version 1.0.4) - Provides logging for various FreddysHouse add-ons.

This add-on is pretty much useless on it's own as it simply provides an API for other FreddysHouse add-ons to log messages.

To view the logs go to the Tool tab in the admin control panel and select "FreddysHouse Logs" from the menu on the left.

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Funded by and developed for FreddysHouse (http://www.freddyshouse.com).
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In XF 1.2, I have trouble with disable and uninstalling this addon. XF will have a popup with this error message
Please correct the following errors:
  • Please enter a valid callback method (FreddysHouse_Logger_Install::install).
  • Please enter a valid callback method (FreddysHouse_Logger_Install::uninstall).