Forums running XenForo software with over 100,000 posts

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Kane Hart

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so a month later we past 100,000 posts well maybe a bit more <3



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That's absolutely massive and loads really fast for me, might try out the search and see what happens.


Guest has over 500k posts now. it's growing faaaast


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I know that urban75 is planning to convert *very* soon.

urban75 forums Statistics
Threads - 273,708
Posts - 10,110,469
Members - 42,272
This board is converting from vB4 to xF next weekend, the stats have increased a little since my previous post in May and are now:

urban75 forums Statistics
Threads - 277,903
Posts - 10,324,378
Members - 43,123
The site owner has posted: "Yep. It's like stepping up from a creaky old Nokia phone to a fully featured smartphone! If you get my drift...

I can't wait for the switch, although I dare say it's going to take some getting used to."

And the I.T. guy posted: "Having had a look at the code of both, xF is a product of current OO software development techniques. vBulletin is a mish-mash of twigs and chewing gum."


Mike Edge

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I'd really be intrested to see how a site like WHT (WebHosting Talk) compares on XF to their current vB

I consider them a true big board cause not only of the stats (any site can pad post/member count), but the amount online 24/7 too Their stats, always atleast 2k online with a combo of members and guests Total Threads: 946,994 Total Posts: 6,885,186 Registered Members: 288,709.
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