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So, I've run numerous searches here in the forums about having /forums/forums/ in my URLs and nothing has worked. Unless I'm doing something wrong, I've tried using a route filter which only breaks my forums and the correct URL doesn't work.

My Xenforo installation is in a forums subdirectory and it needs to remain that way because I'm running a WordPress front-end.

I have over 3,000 hardcoded pages, so I'm not renaming the forums directory to community or anything else and then have to go and change the link throughout all of those pages.

What else can I do?
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I suggest leaving it as is. There are thousands of forums which have the XenForo software installed in a forums folder. You will quickly forget about the URL and see it’s really a non-issue.


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route filter worked for me. i renamed forums to f because i like shorter urls. i did not have to do anything else. redirection works fine. (on the other hand, redirecting 301 using htaccess would also be fine though i can't imagine why route filters would not work on your install :()


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