Forum with 3,800 members, around 1,000 online right now


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I thought this would be kind of interesting to share with fellow XF owners. This forum (not mine/I don't know the owner but imagine he is on here) has around 1,000 members online, out of 3,800. And the traffic from Google must also be insane right now. (It really isn't mine, despite the similar domain to mine. I actually just found it on Google by looking for photos of the truck.)


The forum is for the 2021 Ford Bronco and Ford just officially unveiled it.


Imagine getting this kind of traffic to your relatively small forum! This place is probably going to have "big board" numbers (1 mil+ posts, etc.) within the year. Has anyone ever personally had or seen a forum administrator "phenomenon" like this? Maybe when the XF forum itself launched and everyone came from vB?

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Holy cow! Who would have thought an SUV could attract such a crowd. It looks like they are using a Pixel Exit style. Owner of bronco6G, show yourself!

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Just now it was 63 members, 1362 guests. But the online status timeout setting can have a huge effect on this statistic


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FYI, I posted this last night around 20 minutes after the reveal, which is when the forum had those crazy stats.

I’m sure today won’t be THAT crazy.