Forum view layout ?


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I just came across a Forum and saw the interesting different "views" you can switch on the fly.
Not sure what kind of software this is ? Sorry it is in german language, but I did not find such a similar Forum in english language.

There are 3 grey buttons at the top which let you switch from "Board View" into "Thread View" and into "Mix View".

I am actually not really interested in that Forum-script, but I am rather interested in your opinions if those different "views" ("Board View" , "Thread View" , "Mix View") do make any sense ?
And if yes, how could we achieve similar view-types within XenForo ?

I would think we could have those "views":
- "Forum-Node View": as we already have at XF where you see all the Forums listed at the Homepage
- "Forum-Thread View": you see all the Threads listed at the Homepage (see here)
- "Threaded View": not sure if this makes sense ?
- "Mixed view": not sure if this makes sense ?

What is your opinion ?



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Yeah, my first thought that it was painted with some 1999. All that's missing is some really nice PSP Tubing and Lens flaring and we're good to go, might even get me to like it. Throw in a scrolling marquee and I'm sold. :LOL:

...and some blinking text! Don't forget the blinking text. :D


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...and some blinking text! Don't forget the blinking text. :D

Can you remember those Blinkies graphics? I have to admit I do like them on sites they add character to any site (odd i know) and shamefully admitting I like those blinkies. :p

Might need to fish out some of the blinkies i did when i owned vbimageworks.


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