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Forum Thread Content - Posts vs Messages - Terminology


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I'd like XF 2.0 to bring in consistency of phrasing/terminology when it comes to posts vs messages for forum thread content. For those not familiar with XF, it's quite confusing and breeds misunderstanding.

Here's areas that refer to forum thread content as:

New Posts
Search Page
Search Results
What's New
Members Profile/Card ('post', 'postings', and 'messages' all used on the same page)
Latest Posts Widget
Likes Received
Threads With Your Posts

Members Profile/Card ('post', 'postings', and 'messages' all used on the same page)
Statistics Widget
Forums Home

Also consider that:
  • forum thread content is also called 'Replies' is some areas also (eg. Forum Home is messages, Node home is replies, Thread display is reply)
  • confusing usage of "profile posts", "status", and "conversation messages"
  • orange call to action buttons having differences such as "Post Thread", "Start Conversation", and "Post" (for Profile Status, or is it Profile Post?)
  • "create poll" instead of 'add', 'start', 'post'

Throughout XF, I'd like to see that the same terminology is used for the same content.