Forum skinners, its time for you to release skins :)


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with the stable versions i hope we can see commercial forum skins which great customized skins. So far i only know forummonkey will do the release of it but who else will attempt to do this?

Theres alot of talk that vb company has stopped making skins for vb4 but would they go over to ipb/xf?

there are nice skins out already but not that it impress me as much as commercial skins usually do


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It will take some time. Two weeks at the most.

More will come in a month or two's time. Pending the lawsuit and all.


We will have a handful of simple starter skins.

April Fools Day tricks coming up on


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but i do wonder if other forum skinners are hesitant to go all out with xf due to the pending lawsuit


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Waiting to see Miko's work at . I always liked his vb skins aka

Miko said:
Something to consider once XenForo goes gold.
Developing a Wordpress Theme (the right way) takes 100s of hours and at this stage is simply not possible for us.
We are focusing 100% on building our Xeno Framework that will be powering all of our styles.

Once it's completed we can start thinking about other option... :)


Well-known member is a great site for custom high quality styles and I know with john being the ex-owner of vbskinworks his support, and style updates where and still are excellent.

Themesinc - miko's site will be another great high quality style provider.

Completevb who styled seems to be good judging by the work they did at I don't know what their support is like, or how quickly they update their styles but the work seems to be of high quality.

I also know Dragonfly (kim) is working on styles and almost sure she provides a custom service. She's an ex ipb styler and in my books was the best ipb styler with stunning style releases.

If your willing to pay these are the people who I would recommend. Most 3rd party sites not dedicated to styling usually do re-coloured jobs so quality is compromised, and updating them isn't their highest priority which is something you ought to bare in mind. If it's high quality styles your wanting the list above would be a good start. ;)


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im really hanging out for his 'default rewrite'. it looks to be the perfect skin as it will allow me to create recoloured children.
Thanks for giving me a good idea. I'll try recoloring too.:D

I am hoping Hanafi Jamil aka napy8gen at will change his mind and start skinning for XenForo soon. He has by far the largest and the most affordable selection of commercial vBulletin skins.