Forum Search Issues is not working.


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Hello, I am using Xenforo 2x and The search box works ridiculously. I don't know how to solve the problem. I tried ; Admincp -> Tools -> Reconfigure -> Rebuild search index. But the problem persists.

My Forum Adress ; Webmaster Forum

Should I get a search plugin? If I do, will the problem be fixed?

I like two plugins. Has anyone had this problem before and solved it by buying this plugin?



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Hello, sir. My English is not good. I am using Google Translater. My search box is not working. I am writing youtube in search box. I have article and topics about youtube. But It was not show in results. How i can solve it, i dont know.


Hello sir. I am from Turkey and my english is not good. I have a xF forum and my search box is not working well.

For example;
If i write category name in search box, it is working.
For example 2;
I have a content (topic & article) about Youtube in my forum.
I am searching like that "youtube" in search box.
There is no results. How i can fix it? Please help me.
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