Our forum is designed to engage users regarding experts. Is it proper to create a "new" forum for each named expert? If so, there is a limitation for only one thread per forum? If I anticipate multiple threads for each "expert", what is the proper design that my xenforo site?

I'd like to create one forum specific to each different type of expert (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical), but I'll need one thread within each Forum for each named expert. As a result, we may have 100's of experts under each forum name, then an infinite amount of replies. As people respond to the thread for each expert, would this make sense?

If this is the proper method, how do I rename each of the three FORUM titles (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical).

You could consider sub-forums as well as prefixes or a mix.
How do I use sub-forums? What is the "tree" format looking like? Forums (for each type of expert ie. Civil), then sub-forums for each named expert? Can you share an example from another xenforo client that is publicly available?
I tried the demo months ago, it didn't answer my questions. The manual contains examples and language that I am not very familiar with interpreting. Are there any Xenforo Freelancers that can "demonstrate" some examples to me? I can follow a sample xenforo thread of conversation by looking at a working model or example. Otherwise, I am wasting too much time "trying" various commands and then sending in tickets / posts in the community to answer my questions. Please let me know your thoughts. I wasn't aware of the limitation on replies for any forum topic.


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It's easier to try it since sub-forums have a few ways of displaying. But you can see the arrow/dropdown style right here on XF (just scroll down the forum home to find one). Prefixes are also used on this forum, check out the Bug Reports forum for example.

So yes, this site is an example. Just click around.
Just like in this example, each forum has a title (public forum, bug reports), and within each forum, there are thousands of threads for the discussions.

I need to create about six forums (one for each expert field, ie. Civil, Mechanical, Electrical), then there are possibly thousands of threads within each forum. Can I use the "thread title" as the name (first name, last name) of the expert, since I believe the thread title field is a searchable field in your database?

Ideally, this is what I am trying to achieve? Thoughts or suggestions?

Tracy Perry

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Can I use the "thread title" as the name (first name, last name) of the expert, since I believe the thread title field is a searchable field in your database?
Are you talking about the "experts" starting the threads or about end users? If end users, how will they know "which expert" they want to talk with?

An option may be to look at using prefixes, and then giving the "experts" the ability to edit the thread titles and assign themselves via Prefix as the expert.

The best solution, since there is no clean way to do it without a lot of outside intervention for assigning to experts, would be pursue a bespoke add-on that would allow a set group or groups to assign a prefix to the topic, and those be your experts that would be handling it, and the prefixes be their identifiers.