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Forum Permissions?


I have a forum for "Announcements" only so admins and mods can only post, how do I go about stopping other users like registered and unregistered from posting and letting them only view it?

Any idea how to stop guests viewing all forum posts apart fromt he announcements forum? I cant find no View options here.

User >> Node Permissions >> Fun & Humor >> Unregistered / Uncomfirmed


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The easiest way to do that is to set the View node permission to Not Set (No) for the usergroup and then Allow it for the node.
Is that right if I do that it does not show any forum apart from the announcement, cant it be done yet when they can see the forum but not view the topics only in the announcement forum?
I did this in 1.1, I set usergroup members so post threads in all forums then goto the "Announcement" forum node permissions and under members set it so they cant create new threads and now I cant post there as i'm in usergroup mod, admin and member, do I need to set mod and admin so they can post new threads?