Forum only display 4 threads. Should be more


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I have an unusual issue with one of my forums only displaying a small number of threads, and not the full number as per 'Discussion per page' (30) in /admin.php?options/list/discussionOptions


You can see at the bottom of the thread list there are many threads to be shown (1 to 5 of 1,110)

All my other forums are OK, it's just this one forum.

I have turned-off all add-ons via "$config['enableListeners'] = 0;" in library/config.php to ensure it wasn't any of these impacting, and doing so made no change.

Would appreciate some thoughts, pointers, or fixes.

Two guesses:

Admin CP -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> Rebuild Forum Information

Admin CP -> Applications -> Display Node Tree -> Permissions -> [click group] -> View threads by others
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