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It seems like you want a built-in icon feature for categories and forums. You would be happy if SVG and PNG icons could also be uploaded. Hopefully, this simple feature will be included internally for the new version.
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You can do this in the extra.less template. Example for node id 41 on one of my forums:
/*** Node icons with image, by node id #. see /ads/nodes/filename.png 50x50 **/
.node.node--id41 {
    .node-icon i { display: none; }
    &.node--forum {
        .node-body {
            padding-left: 5px;
        .node-icon {
            background-image: url('/ads/nodes/41.png');
            background-repeat: no-repeat;
            background-position: center;
            background-size: contain;
        &.node--read .node-icon {
            opacity: 0.4;

You can pull from the Font awesome library that is built in, also, with lines like these in the same extra.less file. (node id and image id)
.node.node--forum.node--id3 i:before{content:'\f4ce';}
.node.node--forum.node--id5 i:before{content:'\f0f1';}
.node.node--forum.node--id6 i:before{content:'\f559';}
.node.node--forum.node--id8 i:before{content:'\f0c0';}
.node.node--forum.node--id9 i:before{content:'\f65c';}
.node.node--forum.node--id10 i:before{content:'\f218';}
.node.node--forum.node--id12 i:before{content:'\f6a3';}
.node.node--forum.node--id25 i:before{content:'\f8c4';}
.node.node--forum.node--id27 i:before{content:'\f164';}
.node.node--forum.node--id28 i:before{content:'\f002';}
.node.node--forum.node--id39 i:before{content:'\f2fe';}
.node.node--forum.node--id42 i:before{content:'\f108';}
I know this, thank you for your support :) But why shouldn't there be a built-in feature that we can use with just one click?
There is an addon that adds this to the properties for each node, but I had to disable it since it threw off the formatting on the rest of the page. It wouldn't take much to add this as a core feature.
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