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I've searched & searched...but can't find an answer. From time to time I like to make an announcement to forum membership...and have this "announcement" only show on the forum home page.

I know Xenforo has the notices system...but I can't figure out how to do an announcement/notice just for the home page. Maybe it's easy once you know how...this would be my first time. If there's a thread explaining this...apologies I must have missed it.

Thanks for any help:)


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Followup question. I was successful getting a notice working for just the website Home Page (forum_list)...thanks Brogan. I made the notice for only the "unregistered" user group.

In order to view the live notice myself...I needed to log out of the website to view things as an unregistered/guest visitor. When I tried logging out of the site...I got this message from Xenforo:

XF Security Error.png

I tried refreshing the page a number of times with no luck (kept getting the same error message). After a few minutes (approximately)...the site logged me out properly...and now as an unregistered website visitor I was able to view the new notice I created.

This error message seems to have only happened due to the activation of this new notice. If this happens each time a new notice is created & activated...I'm sure this will upset website visitors (and confuses me too)...since it makes me think I did something wrong.

What would be causing this to happen?