XF 1.1 Forum Experiences and Issues

Gene Steinberg

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Beginning in September, I began to migrate my vBulletin 4 forums to XF. They are all updated to version 1.1.

Now in large part, the experiences have been quite good. The new forum was easy to style to our needs, and our members like the layout.

But a few considerations:

1. It's early in the game, but I haven't seen any noticeable growth in the number of daily postings, particularly for the largest forum (over 120,000 messages), though we seem to have more "Guests," so maybe we are being crawled again and people are checking us out.

2. The vB4 import process, done with XF 1.0.4, was mostly solid, but for some reason a substantial number of custom avatars vanished. Never figured this out, and didn't want to just import over and over again. I hope, over time, that currently active members will just fix this themselves.

3. The vB4 friendly URL redirect simply doesn't work. I know this is a third-party add-on, but I'm getting no love from the author in working through the problem. It's not that we have a lot of those old links, although people trying to get to us from a search engine listing will be disappointed. I wish we could get assistance on this to resolve.

So there you go. I call this an 85% positive report, but I wish we could solve problem #3, and maybe get some solutions for #2. Anyone? And, yes, I did post my reports in the vB4 Redirect add-on thread.

Jake Bunce

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2) I have never heard of this. But if you aren't in a position to run the import again then you can't fix it.

3) This one?


I have helped a couple people get these vB4 redirects working. I can take a look if you are comfortable giving me access to your forum and server.

What URL format are you using in vB4? The above addon has two sets of redirects depending the URL format.

Gene Steinberg

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The forum has been active for several weeks. How do you run the importer again without adding lots of redundant and useless data?

The URL format was the mod_rewrite version for vBulletin 4, and the Friendly URL for XF.

Open a conversation with me, send me your private email in it, and I'll give you whatever access makes you comfortable. I have removed the URL redirects, however, but you are free to reinstall if you can figure the thing out.