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I decided to go over my forums again and make a lot of adjustments and add/remove plugins that I have collected, tried or seen recently to add to the forum and adjust moderator permissions and access and was wondering how others handle their own forums.

Below is a list of what I plan to do now that the forum has taken off and was wondering if anyone else has a better way to do these, can recommend further plugins or ways to extend on these or whether they should just be removed.


  • Welcome message via conversation which links the help guide to using the forums and a greeting welcoming them
  • Agree to rules
  • Links, signatures and post moderation for the first three posts will be flagged as moderation if certain criteria is flagged and after that they have full access


  • Starters guide (how to use the forum, permissions, features etc)
  • Rules
  • Premium features guide
  • Specific area guides (if these areas work different to the rest of the forum


This section is something I'd probably prefer feedback on most. I currently have forum moderators for specific areas and then a few global moderators. The global moderators can hard-delete threads and the normal moderators soft delete. The global moderator basically has full access more or less to everything and the normal moderators limited. My Global Moderators can see the Administrator areas (due to the type of forum it is) and the normal Moderators have their own section. The Global ones can edit the thread starter too.

Now my questions would probably be along the lines of how do you handle your moderators, do you use the warning system or the thread system to a specific area, do you give them access to the spam cleaner and such and any add-ons that can be recommended to help them (besides Moderator Essentials, we plan to get this).


How do you handle this on your forums? At the moment I have set criteria for the spam which flags users but can be annoying going through a lot of spammers and banning them and I also use a spam email address list which helps a lot. As I mentioned above, users need three posts before they can use links and I've adjusted my spam filter to block links even if they have spaces to try and bypass it which seems to be working. One thing I noticed is a lot of bandwidth suddenly being used by these spammers, how do people handle this on their forums?

I also just noticed the 'Show Deleted' add-on by AndyB which will help with the soft deleted posts so any more that can help would be welcomed.


Sorry for the boring thread that has been asked a ton of times on various points. I have done a search and I am NOT asking how to run my forum, just looking for feedback in case I missed anything that would be useful.