Forced thread template and review/rating system


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Hi All,

I run a gaming site where users can submit "build guides" for their characters. Think Diablo 3 and games like that. Anyways, the current system is using Ragtek's "Moderate first post" addon however I am having problems where users are not following the stickied templates provided.

What I need is a system where a predefined template is forced, and once the thread is submitted it will need to go into a Moderation queue for approval.

Once this is done, ideally I'd like a review/thread rating/thumb up/down type system where the best builds get pushed to the top of the page (or, something that at least allows users to sort the thread listing by the most highly rated threads).


Thread listing:

Template that should be followed:

A build:

Any suggestions (even if they are completely different to the above) are welcome!