XF 1.5 Force single soft-bounce to invalid group


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We sometimes send out one-off e-mails via XF, which returns lots of soft-bounces. As these periodic e-mails are longer than 30 days apart, I can't seem to get the XF bounce checker to mark them as invalid.

I tried the following settings:

Minimum number of bounces = 1
Minimum number of days with bounces = 1
Minimum number of days between oldest and newest bounce = 1

Once I changed the settings, I ran the bounce cron job, but none of the single soft bounce members were marked as inactive.

Is there a way I can either manually do this or use some setting that may work? Our hard-bounces are all clear, but there is a significant minority of soft-bounces that happen each time - I'd like to do a one-off purge.
It's hard coded to only check soft bounces from the last 30 days.

You can modify it manually if you want:


Line 216, change the 30 (number of days):

$bounces = $this->countRecentSoftBounces($userId, 30);

Hi Liam,

Thanks for the reply! I've only just done an e-mail send, so the soft-bounces I want to mark as invalid are all within the 30 day limit. I just can't see a way to mark them all as invalid.
In case anyone else wants to do the same, this SQL seems to work:

UPDATE xf_user SET user_state = 'email_bounce' WHERE user_id IN (SELECT user_id FROM xf_email_bounce_soft);
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