XF 1.5 Forbidden - You don't have permission to access /admin.php on this server.


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I cant seem to change anything on the server anymore.
I disabled mod_security and the file permissions are correct. (0644)

What am i missing? I am hosting xenforo myself.


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That could have various causes.

At first I would check if the error is being generated by PHP or Apache itself, this could be done by replacing the real admin.php with an empty script.

If you still get an error afterwards this would indicate that there is a problem with your Apache configuration.
If not, the error seems to be generated by PHP.
If you are upgraded to new Apache 2.4 version, it's been changed new Client denied by server configuration.

If you used block execution from .htaccess

Follow change here,

Order deny,allow
Deny from all

Require all denied
Also, you need a change in config.php. Where to file edit in /library/config.php