For real?

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Can the mods stop closing the threads, while they ask a question?
This is ridiculous:

To answer your question, Slavik:
For the simple reason it will create confidence that those 99% sources are not accurate. Since the ONLY thing we don't get on these forum is accurate information, the question is legitimate. How are Ashley's answers coming, BTW?

Please learn how to manage a forum, before closing threads without logic. Now go ahead and knock yourself out... close this thread also. o_O:rolleyes:
Just the fact of trying to lock it down now shows that this news has a good chance of being true.

With each passing day, unfortunately, I think of more to return to vbulletin. Slowly xenforo seems to be coming to an end, it is an excellent project, but with a team that seems to be crumbling.


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Or it will provide another provocative thread for people to start attacking each other. Again. As already evidenced by the first 2 posts in this thread.

That site is created by a coward, someone who refuses to name his sources, does not provide any of his own information to add substance or validity to his claims.

In addition any questions arising from said thread have already been covered and submitted to KAM as per: so discussing such a rediculous website serves no purpose other than to promote them and stir up trouble.

We hope to have an official post to put up soon covering the major questions people asked.

Until such time as those questions are answered. Stop creating duplicate threads or threads discussing thread closures.

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