For Hire: Need ElasticSearch Installation and Optimization


Title says it all. We need an experienced server admin to install elasticsearch and optimize it. We're on a dedicated / managed server, but our host does not support elasticsearch and it has been failing to start for some reason .. so we have uninstalled it and just need to have it installed and optimized correctly ... please provide us with a link to your work / credentials ...



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I would be happy to take a look for you tomorrow, however it is now early morning in the UK, so depending on how soon you need this sorted there are a few others who may be able to do it sooner.


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Ensure the files (/var/lib/elasticsearch IIRC) are owned by the elasticsearch user.

For some reason, there is a difference in the wrapper script at handling being started by:
/etc/init.d/elasticsearch start
compared to:
service elasticsearch start