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This is a five year-old website which was hosted by another forum software, and I'm completely sold on XF after a brief nose at it.

I've used a variation of Audentio's wonderful Splash theme and come up with this... it's still a test area at the minute before an imminent go-live, so any suggestions about the presentation etc would be very welcome at this stage.

Regardless of your sporting affiliation, I would find a fresh pair of eyes on this to be really useful!

Thanks guys.


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The background fits in real nice with the style which in imho it gives the forum a sharp look that corresponds with the forum topic.

I had a small suggestion, some of your forum titles start with small letters and some with capital letters. It would be better to have them all start with capital letters.
Not a big soccer guy, but really like the header img and styling to match. Also like how you made the navtabs transparent. Looks great. I do own some Under Armour stock though, so rooting for the Spurs to win the EPL this year and keep those stock prices going up! lol