XF 2.2 Font Awesome Code is showing inside website tab, instead of the Media Title when I click on XFMG

oO5 Dynasty

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Screenshot 2022-05-17 21.43.17.pngWeb capture_17-5-2022_22017_user.oo5dynasty.com.jpeg

I edited this Phrase to make the media link on profile pages turn into a font awesome icon.
But when doing so, I noticed the icon did replace the text Media, which is what I wanted. But when I traveled to the XFMG page I saw the code was being displayed in the tab.
Web capture_17-5-2022_2233_user.oo5dynasty.com.jpeg

When I remove the font awesome code and revert the page back, The code does not show anymore.
But It leaves me with the media link not having a font awesome icon on profile pages.
Web capture_17-5-2022_22218_user.oo5dynasty.com.jpeg

Would love to fix this issue so I can have the Font awesome Icon on the profile page, and the XFMG tab does not show the actual font awesome code when site members visit that part of the site.
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