XF 2.1 Font Awesome 5 Pro - some icons don't work


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Actually, it should be work on my page if Xenforo supports all font awesome 5 pro icons, but doesn't work.

<i class="fad fa-battery-full" style="--fa-primary-color: limegreen; --fa-secondary-color: dimgray;"></i>
<i class="fad fa-battery-quarter" style="--fa-primary-color: orange; --fa-secondary-color: dimgray;"></i>

Example Preview;
Ekran Resmi 2019-09-10 01.01.28.png

Or that doesn't work too.

<i class="fad fa-signal-1"></i>
Ekran Resmi 2019-09-10 01.03.37.png

How can i use that icons like that? Or we have no support that fad icons of font awesome 5?