Following a guide, not showing changes on style


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I'm familiar with CSS, HTML etc but XF is new to me. I've created styles/themes for other web platform but can't seem to get XF to work.

I'm following this guide and maybe I'm being stupid.

1) I've created a few images and stylename.css and set it to be included however the changes in that file are not being shown.

2) Made a few images and uploaded them to the path I specified in the style options - not showing.

Am I a doing something wrong? Is that guide outdated?
Thought I would add this, makes more sense.

What I have done (I will call the style 'test' for the purpose of this message):

1) Created test.css
2) Included test_header.css in the above file
3) Included test.css to be loaded (require) in ad_above_content
3) Created a directory called 'test' in /styles/default/

Now what I am not sure is where to place the test.css file to start with, or the rest of the customised files such as test_header.css etc.


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