XF 1.5 Follower question

Hello Xenforo users, i have a slight problem which i cannot resolve, i am sure it is a silly question but... On my profile page as administrator i can see followers under avatar, another user on my forum cannot see them in the profile page, but if he click on my profile page for example (i am a follower of him) it says i am a follower of him. Is there any option which he deactivated that he cannot see them on profile page? Is there a link where he can see all followers? What i can do as admin to solve this? Thank you
p.s. kingofbeasts is the user profile who cannot see followers on profile page, other 2 pictures are from followers that do not appear.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

Jake Bunce

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I don't see any special permissions or preferences with respect to the "follow" blocks on the left side of a profile.

Try using a default style. Then try temporarily disabling addons. This might be caused by a customization.
i do not have addons, i used default style also. Same result. I created another user to test and i followed it. Under the avatar of new user created it shows me as a follower. But the user Kingofbeasts from the photos cannot see followers, even in default style.


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I responded to your ticket yesterday but you didn't follow up.

If you want to provide ACP, FTP and phpMyAdmin log ins, I can take a look to see what's going on.