XF 1.4 Folder permissions


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I moved my installation of XenForo from a webhost to my own server, and somehow the folder permissions got messed up, and ownership was transferred to root, which I have now fixed. I manually chmodded data and internal_data to 777 (recursively), but I'm wondering if I messed something up... Is there any way to rebuild the permissions? Or at least check that I haven't made something accessible that shouldn't be?

Thanks :)

Tracy Perry

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Depending on if you are running cPanel/Apache or nginx on what you need to do.
If only Apache, then www-data:www-data as the user:group should be fine. If nginx on Debian the same (typically).
If nginx on CentOS using CentMin Mod it's nginx:nginx.
I personally run all files as 664 and directories at 775 (just the way I have mine set up and I'm the only one that accesses it).