Lack of interest Flow Player integration - Feature Packed Video Player


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For the low cost of $1110, XF can integrate the html 5 version of FlowPlayer for all of XF customers and it has pretty much every feature we would need to support video uploads as attachments and in xmg.

Then our members can upload videos to threads or xmg. I suggest both, because when I used XMG, my users didn't ever touch it. I even made it the homepage, but the users still uploaded all their pics in the forum threads, especially when they're uploading pics as a reply. xmg wasn't a hit with my users, so I'd make it available for attachments and xmg so that people can use it where it works best.

Tracy Perry

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After playing more and more with my GoPro in 108oi @ 60fps and seeing the size of those videos.... somebody is going to have to have gobs of storage space. :)

If it is done, it needs to be permission only based so that you can restrict who uploads (direct) images instead of having them place them on something like YouTube (which is what I do).

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