XF 2.2 Flickering of Cookie Notice on Page Load/Refresh


When a user accepts the cookies, the notice disappears as expected.

However, upon refreshing the page or navigating to a different page within the forum, the cookie notice briefly reappears before disappearing again.
This flash is very brief and can be seen when the screen is recorded and played back in slow motion, but it is nonetheless noticeable.

I've tried troubleshooting by disabling all my add-ons and removing all extra.less, yet the issue persists.
This occurs for guest or registered users.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
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In the ACP under the basic options, I have observed the following behavior with different cookie settings:
When cookies are set to:
  • Disable: there is no issue.

  • Simple: the issue is present only for guest users.

  • Advanced: the issue affects both guest users and registered users.
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