Flat Smilies for XenForo

Flat Smilies for XenForo 1.2

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Dr.Who submitted a new resource:

Small Pack of Flat Smilies - Just a small pack of flat smilies...

This is a small pack of flat styled smilies I recreated in Illustrator.

The styling is based off of Facebooks emoji, and most colors derived from flatuicolors.com. So while I remade them in Illustrator, all cred goes to everyone else.

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I will continue to add more, but for now thought I'd share what I got so far.

Feel free to use it as you wish.
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Confused here. What should go in "text to replace" and "Image Replacement URL" fields for a sprite?
"Text to replace" is just that... when a member type's a text, what smilie will show...

Here is the example of what mine looks like:

Image replacement URL, is the URL to where you uploaded the sprite sheet.

Then you just use the sprite position controls on the bottom to move the sheet around to the appropriate smilie. Leave the dimensions at 18x18.

Hope this helps ya. :)