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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Flag Thread - Allows admin to Flag Threads.


This add-on will allow the admin to do the following:
  1. Flag thread
  2. Unflag thread
  3. View flagged threads list
Flagging a thread is useful in situations where the admin will want to get back to a thread in the future.

(Example of Thread Tools)

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(Example of flagged threads list)

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How to view flagged threads list:

Create a bookmark in your browser that points to the following URL...
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Matthew Hawley

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Add it to the moderator bar. Call it "Flagged Threads". In thread tools menu it should say flag if it isn't flagged it should say "Flag". If it is Flagged, it should say "unflag" not both at the same time.
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Matthew Hawley

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Okay there are a few things that I dont like. For one when I flag/unflag I get the alert on a new page like this:

You know when change your password or add a new status update, etc, you get an alert at the top of the forum? I would like it like that.

Second thing is that in the thread tools menu it shows "Flag" and "Unflag" at the same time. When it is not flagged it should say "Flag" If it is flagged it should say "Unflag"

I want it to use the permission system built into xenforo, so i can let other usergroups flag threads. Also I want to be able to not allow certain usergroup's threads to be flagged.
I agree that it should use the XF permission system. Although I can't really think of a use for this system other than...well a bookmark system. Which is basically what this is, right?


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Although I can't really think of a use for this system other than...well a bookmark system. Which is basically what this is, right?
The Flag Thread add-on serves a very similar function as a browser bookmark. However flagging a thread is faster than creating a bookmark, less steps are needed to add and remove a flag. For example if a flagged thread is deleted, it's automatically removed the flag list.


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Please consider:
- alert for replies to flagged threads
- usergroup permission to flag threads (I would like all staff to flag problematic threads)


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This add-on is designed to be used by the admin only.
Hmmm, add in usergroup selection/permissions and you have a brilliant bookmarking add-on for all users ;) Bonus marks if it also watches the thread at the same times as it's bookmarked :)


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Can you assist? For some reason while everything else works with this add-on, the Flag Thread/Post List in the Visitor Tab is not appearing for me as an Admin... thus I can't get to my flagged threads/posts list. Any ideas?