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Other Fixing Attachment Uploader for Simple Blogs Addon


Active member
So I have installed the [xH] Simple Blogs addon which you can find here onto XF 1.5.8. Everything seems to be working fine except for the attachment uploader. When creating a blog post I seem to get this error message:


Seem to be getting this error message regardless of the file type I try and upload and permissions/settings are all set up correctly. Plus all other addons that have attachment functionality including the core XF attachment/upload functionality works flawlessly leading me to believe it's an issue with this addon more specifically. I've contacted the developer @otto but he's either too busy or not interested in looking into it anytime soon. So I need someones help.

Things I've tried to no avail:
  • Disabling Mod Security in htaccess
  • Disabling flash uploader (gives me a permissions error)
  • Disabling all other mods

I basically need someone to look around in the xenforo backend/ftp and see you can fix it and update the addons package so I can apply the fix to other sites I make and use the addon on. Hoping to spend around $10-30.

If interested and think you are capable of solving this pretty fast let me know here or PM me and I will give you backend login information for my site and ftp information.