Fixed Style As Preference and Any Page

Fixed Style As Preference and On Any Page (XenPorta)


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8thos submitted a new resource:

Fixed Style As Preference and On Any Page (XenPorta) (version 1.0) - How to add a fixed style and background on any page.

I made this because Xenporta looks ugly on Fluid styles. I think Xenporta should stay fixed. If your forum theme is fluid and your Xenporta is looking ugly as hell, this should fix you right on up. It also helps for any other pages that you want to be Fixed width

I uninstalled all my fixed styles after using this edit. I no longer need them. I made this because for some reason, having too many styles on my forum screws random templates up so this will help for those of you with limited...
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This is actually how I do it these days:
margin: 0 auto;
max-width: 990px;
This way it supports responsive design.


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I love this but it's not resizing on mobile. Is there way to keep the mobile working the same and run this code for desktop use?