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AndyB submitted a new resource:

First post length - Requires first post to have a minimum number of characters.

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Requires first post to have a minimum number of characters.

This add-on will prevent members from posting just a link or short message.

(Example of error...

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In Andy\FirstPostLength\XF\Service\Thread\Creator,php the function public function _validate should be protected function _validate()
I guess I should have checked, the client has a older version installed. v1.4 is correct, thanks Andy.
It would be nice to add also a maximum with some more lines of code.
I will do this now for myself. But some people may would like the idea also, i guess.


You may want to add the minimum/maximum to the phrase also.
Together with a charcounter from the editor addon or others, a user can really now how to increase or decrease the text.
Else it is somehow funny to write as much as allowed, but less then not allowed.
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I am sorry to say, but this addon is somehow useless.

Just do that:

Option: 50 chars
New thread with 40 chars > save > error message.
Now extend your text to 60 chars > save > success
Now edit > reduce the chars to 40 > save > success.

As shown, i can still have first post with less chars than the limit your addon should allow.
Would it be difficult to add an option for this mod to apply to all posts (including replies to a thread) in a node?
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