#1 will be launching at midnight tonight. It uses Xenforo, XenMediaGallery and (eventually) XenReviews plus a multitude of Xenforo add-ons.

The site will feature consumer as well as display firework reviews and discussion, pictures, videos, etc.

The site was formerly known as which ran from 2004-2013 and had over 6,000 members. Unfortunately all data from that site was lost in one of five (yes, five) hard drive crashes in 2013. :(

So, new name, new look, new software, new start! :)
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Thom Tyler

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Not sure yet. I have an inquiry in at PixelExit, but have yet to hear back from them.

Nice truck, BTW. :)
@Russ of PixelExit is a great guy - They got a bit of a backlog right now though! Awesome site. Do you own your own Firework business? If not, might be good to try and work with Epic Fireworks on this - also a great bunch of guys and may help you generate some traffic if they link you.
I've decided to stick with the current theme for now until I get some funds together for a custom look.

I did update to the latest version of the theme, though, and also made a few minor changes to the look.
At the request of many former users, I have changed the site back to its former name.

Additionally, I switched the theme over to UI.X (parent theme to xenBlock).