XF 1.4 Firefox Uploads Fail With HTTPS


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I just changed my site over to HTTPS and I can't upload files with Firefox.

This is what is in FireBug:
"Queued file 67.png (6624 bytes)." attachment_editor.js:13:1
XenForo.activate(%o) [object Object] xenforo.js:220
"Attachments changed, total files: 2, images: 2" attachment_editor.js:13:30
"Uploading 67.png" attachment_editor.js:10:165
"Uploaded 0/6624 bytes." attachment_editor.js:15:38
"Upload failed: " Arguments { 0: Object, 1: -220, 2: "Error #2038", 2 more… } attachment_editor.js:11:117
"AttachmentUploadError: " Object { type: "AttachmentUploadError", file: Object, errorCode: -220, message: "Error #2038", ajaxData: Object, swfUpload: Object, timeStamp: 1436635339898, jQuery1110004235854274135109: true, isTrigger: 3, namespace: "", 7 more… } attachment_editor.js:16:42
"All files uploaded."
Uploads work without any problems with Chrome and IE 11.

Have I missed changing something obvious?


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Is it perhaps something to do with your FF cache?

If it works in other browsers then I would assume it's a local browser issue.


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Thanks, but it's more like PEBKAC ;)

I missed copying one of the root certificates to the server. :eek:

All is working now.

At least it didn't take me 2 hours to find the problem. Unlike forgetting that I had blocked port 443 through my firewall. :rolleyes:
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