XF 1.5 Firefox and Xenforo


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Hi all,
Okay Firefox may be one of the safest browsers (forgetting tor etc) available, but it's notoriously slower and of course does suffer leaks too.
However that said, I have noticed that Xenforo is awfully laggy, slow and unresponsive at times in Firefox - to the point that FF will need several restarts throughout the day.

Are there any pointers that can be given to speed things up overall or is it just a downfall we have to live with being FF.
Of course I myself use about 5-6 different browsers every day at the same time on the site, but clients may join only using FF for example.
Can anything be done or do we simply have to love with FF the way it is?

Many thanks in advance and of course I am not expecting miracles here :D

Jake Bunce

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I have the same general issues with FF, but nothing specific to XenForo.

In general XenForo is very light weight on the client. It is possible for addons and style customizations to increase this load. But if FF is the only browser presenting problems then that pretty much narrows it down.


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Are you running firebug by chance? I've noticed some horrendous lag with the editor sometimes if firebug is running.


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Indeed, seems to be a nightmare with it.. I've used FF for about 10 years now and it has degenerated over time, but for some reason it's horrendous with XF.
Hmm Yeah I run Firebug and the tools that come with it, I disabled most other add-ons and kept that one alive for obvious reasons. Will try that!

Glad to see I am not alone with this though. I mean Firefox is now notoriously slow in comparison to Opera, Vivaldi or Chrome, but ouch it causes me a huge headache on the site and let's face it, Xenforo is seriously fast anyway..
Killer browser and they never did fix that damned memory leak either :D
Thanks @ all. :)