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FireDaemon - Thread & Resource Title Case 1.0.2

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FireDaemon - Thread & Resource Title Case - Gives more control over thread & resource title cases globally and per thread & resource.

FireDaemon was founded in 1999. FireDaemon is a professional software development company headquartered in the UK with offices in Canada, Belarus, India and Australia.

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This addon, will destroy your forum, like did mine.. i hope i can bring it back ...
You should delete it :(
What did it do exactly? It's currently running on 2 forums (one with resource manager and one without) with no problems.

Also, what other addons do you have installed? There might be a compatibility issue with one of them.

As a precaution, I deleted the download until you provide more information so others don't get hit with the issue.
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We did some rigorous testing of the addon again and nukedi's issue could not be duplicated. In addition, the addon is incapable of doing what happened to nukedi.

The addon has been readded so it can be downloaded.