Finished your Christmas shopping yet?


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Me and Mrs. Admin are the join in two large families so we always start in November as we have lots of in-laws and kids to buy for.

We've got just one more present to buy and then we're done.

How about you?

Shaun :D


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I normally rush at christmas eve to do the christmas shopping but for some reason, this year, I've ordered and received the majority of it online and have most of it in. I still have a few bits and bobs to get like the kinnect, socks for those relatives that persist in sending me socks every year but apart from that nearly all done.


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YES I am finished. I finally found an iPod Touch for my son, that I can afford, and it's on its way, so I am done.
yaayyyy me!


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Done a few. Basically those where a "sold out" danger exists.

Still plenty of time left. I usually shop on the 23rd or Christmas eve for the smaller stuff - very relaxing shopping experience without all the masses :)


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I've got everything done but am waiting for one pressie to turn up from Amazon then it needs posting to that person it's for then I'm all done lol. All pressies posted all cards posted.


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Not even started and this year everyone in the family has been told we aren't.

My husband and I are giving each other the gift of a way to be healthy. His turn is this next week and mine is in late January.


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Fingers crossed I complete the xmas pressie shopping this week. A few things left to pick up and am finished. The rest of our lot haven't bother starting yet :( Reduces the time i have to check each present ;)


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Haven't started. I'm aiming for this weekend, but..umm.. we'll see (I said that last weekend). :p