Lack of interest Find Users that match IPs with other users.

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The Dark Wizard

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Typically to know if someone is sharing an IP, you have to search by IP or already know the account ahead of time and then view to see which other ones match that one's IP.

It would be extremely ideal to have some where in the ACP, a section where you can see all users that have IPs matching with another user with out having to first have the Username or the IP.

I bet having something like this would allow people to realize that some have been multiaccount that they never would have suspected otherwise.(I don't check every user manually).
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Most users who register multiple accounts do so because they have forgotten about their old account or don't know how to operate the site.
If you're worried about users registering new accounts for malicious purposes you should consider enabling admin approval of accounts. You can then check each new account for the usual signs such as a temporary email, proxy IP, or an IP matching other users recently.

Matching IPs from everyone would look something like...
A bunch of accounts from ISPs that have highly dynamic or shared IPs.
And mobile IPs which are less plentiful and also highly dynamic.
And shared networks (ex. schools) having many users on a single IP.
And things like Opera Mini and open proxies would also cause a lot of accounts to be linked together.
And many IPs from less dynamic pools matching months to years apart.

I don't think you'd get a good signal to noise ratio by matching all users' IPs together.


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I believe the OP wanted something to detect them automatically in the AdminCP. The front end already has that add-on above, and similar functionality built into the Spam Manager as well.