Lack of interest Find Members Sharing The Same IP Address (Moderator Option)

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This is something I had on phpbb and vB and we used it quite often. Just being able to click and see what other usernames have also posted from the current users IP address. We don't mind users having a couple accounts, but every once in a while someone wants to misbehave.
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If you run the Spam Cleaner and select only "Check Spammer's IP", it will show you which members are using that IP address.


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If you run the Spam Cleaner and select only "Check Spammer's IP", it will show you which members are using that IP address.

learning about spam cleanup now, but this behavior of having multiple usernames is 'ok' on our board. it allows the release of information without fear of reprisal. i would just like a little option on the member card that says 'posts form this IP' and just brings up a list of usernames and posts.

probably seems odd but the board i work with is actually very central to keeping everyone in check in my industry.


it sure would be nice if, as the admin, the 'check spammer ip' was always available to me.
as it is i will have to open up all members to potential spam cleaning by all moderators just to have this functionality.
this situation defies logic.


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As seen in the following old archived add-on:

Find users sharing the same IP

While 1.1 added the ability to search "more users" in the AdminCP, I wanted to see this option carried to threads for moderators to utilize. @Kier had mentioned in the above thread that it was a good idea, and something he was hoping to add to the product.

This old tool add-on (while such a thing could never be fool proof) has been of significant use to us over the years.

Thank you for your consideration.
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If you do a Spam cleaning on a user and uncheck everything except "Check Spammer's IPs" and run the cleaner you will receive a list of users who have logged in / shared the same IP.


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While that solution works, it is less than ideal. It requires clicking the avatar of the poster, hovering over the avatar to get the "Spam" link, then unclicking multiple checkboxes and submitting the form before getting results.

I propose something quicker, perhaps tied into the actual "IP" link that is already part of a post. Clicking it could bring a new row of results for members who match the IP. So instead of the 3 rows of information on that page, it would be 4 to include "Names Sharing This IP"?

Would that not be useful?


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Well my solution now is I'm running that old archived add-on, since it still works with 1.1.5. :)

However, I'm cutting down a lot of add-ons not needed (especially with 1.2 coming) and I'd like this to be one of them. So I'm considering just dealing with the extra steps until an updated add-on (replacing/adding to the IP pop-up, not adding a new link in posts) or core functionality is added in this regard.