Final Mission of NASA's Space Shuttle Program


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I was busy dealing with people who still think they are slick and I am stupid so I missed the landing and then needed a nap. However...I thank you for passing the link though...I think everyone should learn a little bit of the things that are out of this world.

And if you have Google Earth installed, you can track the shuttle live (Google Earth .kmz file available from this page).
That is cool :)


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I think it's sad too. Although it was before my time, I should imagine those who lived through the cold war and the moon landings would never ever have imagined a period when the USA would lose its leadership in space and have to depend on the former USSR to get its astronauts to the ISS. They reckon the USA will be dependent on Russia for 3-4 years now, how times change.


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it is sad watching such a great program to stop even for us non American non Russian ! ,,, but the better will survive a simple natural low ,, here one point why Russian program is superior ...
Another important difference is that the Buran-Energia is designed as a fully reusable shuttle system, that includes the four side 'Zenit' boosters and the main huge 'Energia' core super booster (Energia-T). The U.S shuttle system, on the other hand, is only semi reusable.
and it is health for our world our earth ! to have balance in the hands of power ... America was dominant for the past few years .. and there is no one could say no against them with the stupid veto they have !!