Final Issues Before buying

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Ok Guys and Gals,
I'm almost there. So far I love love love love love, did I say love?, this software but there are a few issues I need to address.

First, there is no cms or portal in demo. The only portal is an add on and of course I can't add on anything to test it because I haven't purchased yet. I wish someone could let me demo the portal system. Also, it would be great if somehow Xenfor could issue full demos (able to download add-on and do modifications) then allow the customer to purchase the demo they are working on. Making only "live" once the customer has paid.

Second, I'm concerned abotu Xenforo's future. Is it still in active development and will it be around for years?

And third, will I ever finger out the node system and how to link pages. I'm working on my demo and really lost in this respect. I'm pretty sure it is me but it does get frustrating.

So I have my fingure on the purchase button but would really love to be able to do the above.

Anyone? Anyone?

One of the serious pros to the software is it's easy styling options, something Vbully should have never changed.

And the other serious pro of this software is that it functions much smoother than Vbully and I have encoutered almost no errors that weren't my fault. LOL

I plan on purchasing on Thursday if I can get the above retified. :)

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