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Not sure if this has been suggested yet or if I'm suggesting something already in place, but it would be awesome if it was possible to link to files/resources already on disk - versus having to upload a file.

I'm hoping to mount a company shared folder on my Xenforo server and link directly to files in that mount - symlink or snapshot mechanism even. Often certain documents are updated internally, overwritten(keeping filenames intact) and this linking ability would ensure the most current version was always up-to-date on the site.


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Useful ideas.
But that would essentially be a
FILE Manager.
If you come up with a solution I'd love to hear what you've done.
Is a "file" not a "resource"? When it boils down to it, virtually all the resources in the xenforo resource manager resolve down to a download of some type of file. Sure there's lots of meat around it - descriptions, thumbnails etc - all good things that I also need to be part of my "files/resources" as well.

My goal is synchronicity - rather than having to re-upload a new zip/pdf/ppt/doc/etc every time the referenced doc is updated internally I would prefer it to be automatic by mapping the download link to a shared folder or FTP synchronized folder or whatever - there are lots of mechanisms to connect or sync files between servers. Keep in mind in the enterprise space content is reused across MANY sites, bot internal and public facing.

This is the problem I currently face with our existing "resource" library. Every time a public facing document on the corporate file share is updated by team member "X" who lives half way around the world it sometimes slips through the cracks that we even hear that it's been updated, let alone initiate the many processes we have to make sure it gets put on the multitude of web sites and pages it needs to be on.

I should clarify the ability to upload/attach file(s) to resources - I'm guessing this is the current default - is also paramount. I'm not suggesting it be set to static paths only - just hoping it could be an option.