XF 1.1 File Health Check Notice


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I did it! I finally installed xenforo. Things went great until I ran a file health check and got the following notice:

library/XenForo/Model/Permission.phpFile does not contain expected contents.

What does this mean and what should I do?


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Upload the file once more.

If it still doesn't pass, download the .zip file from your customer area and upload it from there again.

If you still have a problem, use a different FTP application.


Same here.
Downloaded the .zip of 1.1.2 today, and upgrading from 1.0.4, uploaded 3x all the files, and twice this one particularly.


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I used to get this all the time and re-uploading, etc never solved it.

It disappeared during one of the upgrades when I used FileZilla instead.


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I did get this on my localhost install, which I though was odd with one file only (copy and paste) job of files from one folder to another. Deleting file, then downloading zip again and copy that file over fixed it. But I'm sure the file passed File Checking at first, then later failed for some reason even though nothing had been edited in it by me.


after unpacking upgrade .zip
ls -fag
-rw-r--r-- 1 floris staff 70K Apr 19 12:14 Permission.php

Cmd: STOR Permission.php
150: Accepted data connection
226: File successfully transferred
0.098 seconds (measured here), 0.68 Mbytes per second

but after upload:

-rw-r--r-- 1 xenfans xenfans 69600 Apr 19 20:21 Permission.php

type=file;size=69600;modify=20120419192134;UNIX.mode=0644;UNIX.uid=xxx;UNIX.gid=xxx;unique=xxx; Permission.php

The problem seems to be only with this file.

Used Transmit on Mac for ftp and another app from another computer for sftp.


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I just did a clean install today and I got the same. I downloaded 1.1.2 today and installed today. After file health check I have the same "library/XenForo/Model/Permission.php File does not contain expected contents.".

I re uploaded from the zip file and the same. What to do ?



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I use Interarchy, by far better than that, so for sure its not my FTP client. I will download again and upload again to see.



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Well using FileZilla worked, so for everyone trying with any other FTP client, just use FileZilla for this file.

Thanks Jake.