Few questions before purchasing.


Hey all

I just have a few questions before purchasing this great looking program.
Ive seen some demos / live boards and i like the feel and looks of XenForo (Big well done to developers)

  1. Is it possible to keep the sidebar within the forums? Ive seen where the sidebar is there on the home page but forums expand when going in. I would like to add targeted adverts / widgets to the sidebar. Eg forum #1 about motor racing and forum #2 about soccer.. i would like a calendar or ads about cars in #1 but not #2 - if you get me ...
  2. Individual icons for each forum ? rather than the usual read/unread icons.
  3. can we add images/png to category header bars? And not display the category title (would like to do in pshop myself) Im looking to make each category have their 'own' feel to it.
  4. or can we 'tab' the categories themselves? as mine will be quite large. Say 20 forums per cat
thats a few questions im looking at (as dont have much html knowledge - but understand how to mod something given codes & instructions)


Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
1) Yes you can add the sidebar to other pages. See this thread. In addition, you can use template conditionals to display sidebar content in certain forums.

2) The forum read markers?

There is currently no feature to set custom icons on a per forum basis. But you can do something similar to this to implement that.

3) Like #2, there is no feature for that but it is possible with custom code.

4) Forums beyond 2 levels deep are automatically collapsed.


thanks for the reply Jake
Unfortunately cannot see the image attachments.. (maybe something for next version??? allow jpg/png views but not to download the mods) I take it that modding is quite simple with XF? used to use phpBB years ago.
When will someone design a drag n drop (admin side) forum ? Eg, I want this container here and insert html/api etc into it and viola ! Make life easy.