Lack of interest Feminine and masculine forms of 'said' in quotations


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Look at this example.

In English quotes have the heading "Somebody said:".
In Russian:
for man: "Somebody сказал"
for woman: "Somebody сказала"
As you see, we use different verbs' forms: сказал and сказала.
Current translation is ugly: "сказал(а)".
Since user gender is already known, it is possible to select proper form. Will you please code this?


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Maybe, XenForo will become the first forum which take into account gender correctly.

P.S. Mistake in title: in quotations


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Why not change the phrase to "posted"?

Or is that also a gender specific verb?
In Russian language, for example, phrase "Posted by Brogan" will sound as "Отправлено Brogan'ом". For women Ann (Анна) it's phrase will sound as "Отправлено Ann'ой". And etc.
To alter as "Sender: somebody" is only one of many problems.
Therefore vkams the rights. It is necessary to describe a noun, a verb, an adjective etc. Certainly, it very difficult and demands linguistic study.