XF 1.5 Feeder error, russian language


I have new installation last version.
When I try to create a new RSS feed I have error:
Could not load date due to unrecognised format (should follow RFC 822 or 2822):Missing locale file '/home/admin/web/***/public_html/library/Zend/Locale/Data/ru_RU.xml' for 'ru_RU' locale.
  1. Zend_Feed_Reader_Feed_Rss->getDateModified() in XenForo/Model/Feed.php at line 187
  2. XenForo_Model_Feed->getFeedData() in XenForo/DataWriter/Feed.php at line 95
  3. XenForo_DataWriter_Feed->_preSave() in XenForo/DataWriter.php at line 1460
  4. XenForo_DataWriter->preSave() in XenForo/DataWriter.php at line 1399
  5. XenForo_DataWriter->save() in XenForo/ControllerAdmin/Feed.php at line 127
  6. XenForo_ControllerAdmin_Feed->actionSave() in XenForo/FrontController.php at line 351
  7. XenForo_FrontController->dispatch() in XenForo/FrontController.php at line 134
  8. XenForo_FrontController->run() in /home/admin/web/***/public_html/admin.php at line 13
I have to find and upload ru_RU.xml manually?