Features list for marketing XF


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I just found a rather frustrated potential buyer saying s/he couldn't assess XF easily on behalf of a client because there is no Features list.

I'm very aware that the sheer quality of XF comes out in its usage. That it also rests oin the reputation of its devs for reliable code, intuitive design, and responsiveness in support. Plus the exceptional potental of its mods community to expand its features.

But I also know that when I assess a new possible software the key item that assists me to do that is a Features list.
I have often copied such a list into documents or spreadsheets to closely analyse pros and cons and reduce to a shortlist, then ponder and decide.

So to do justice to XF please put a Features list on the agenda asap after Tuesday.
Those that know the team's work, their solid code, responsiveness to users, and their ability to integrate with add-ons/ mods, plus all those coders already coming from years of experience ... we might not need this. But complete newcomers do and will turn away if it's not there.

Like the visitor I picked up on they will feel unable to justify a recommendation to a paying client. Assessment shouldn't be inventing the wheel and making one's own Features list from the ground up. That gives other products a big edge.


I can imagine since this is just a forum. That it's not the right place for a company to publish their "sales" section, which usually includes a feature list. I would just wait and see what they put public first, and if it's not there, it might still come when they get around to it, or suggest it.

There's no frontpage at the moment. And I am sure they have enough to do.

As long as the shopping cart, and client area works, .. beta customers can acquire a license.