Duplicate  Favorite threads - add-ons here/ or Category follows


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Would be very helpful to keep a list of links to threads about add-ons/ mods that interest me.

I know I can Follow them but that mixes them into a whole lot of other stuff.
So how about either of these:

a) select certain Followed threads as Favorites - then I can check that mini list to find my best ones or mods/ add-ons I tagged as interesting but didn't instal.

b) perhaps better simply option to categorise followed threads.
They could match the groupings of the board forums or user creates their own cats.

Would certainly be useful for mods/ add-ons here but also on other boards too.


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Strange, really nobody need it? It's a great feature!

It's necessary to add the link (or icon) to the message and thread - "Add in favorites". And the link in the user profile - "My favorites" with all favorites messages and threads.