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Fatherhood :)


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Well, as of 7:03pm on Saturday I'm now a daddy :)

It was rather traumatic for everyone concerned, 15 hours of labour (we arrived at 4am) and it ended in an emergency c-section. Not every day that you nearly loose your wife, but that was one and I definitely hope, the last!

Nearly got a Halloween baby, but not quite ;)

CIMG2306.JPG IMG_8857.jpg

And I know how people on here like feet - her's are adorable lol


Mum and baby should be coming back today - the house certainly has felt empty over the last few days :(


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Congratulations to you all!!! Welcome to the world little one.

It's amazing isn't it, none of us really realise just how very dangerous having a baby can be for both Mother and Child.. until the middle of last century childbirth was still the #1 killer of young women - Having been in just the same situation as your wife, I can relate to how scary and how traumatic it is for all, including Dad.

... So happy to hear that both came through it! :D


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Congrats Steve! There is nothing in this world like being the father of a little girl and you will never be the same again (in a very good way) :)

Fred Sherman

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The first two years of fatherhood is like being in combat. Sleep when you can wherever you can for as long as you can and no amount is too little. Learn to sleep standing up.